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At Transcend Beauty and Wellness, we strive to ensure every patient has a personalized experience. New patients are scheduled for an hour and a half consultation where they are provided ample time to voice their wellness concerns. Then your provider will work with each patient to get to the root of their concerns and develop a customized care plan with shared goals. 

February Updates

DOT Physicals Available $99

Personalized Weight Loss Solutions for Everyone

In our practice we consult with the patient first and learn about the challenges that have prevented the patient from being successful at weight loss. There are no tofu diets, no cabbage soup diets, no expensive packaged foods to buy and this is not a diet! We will spend an hour and a half together and partner on a plan tailored to you. Make an appointment today! 

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Telehealth Available

It is flu season........please do not come into the office if you are sick.
Even with "just a cold". I have some patients that come to clinic with vulnerable/ compromised immune systems and I only want well patients in clinic, please.

If you are sick and need to be seen, I do offer tele health visits for existing patients. They are $58 and can be done via phone or video chat. Tele visits can cover acute concerns such as urinary tract infections,  cold/sinus/flu symptoms, stomach/ GI symptoms, rash, fever, request lab work or review lab findings or medication requests.

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February Newsletter

Patient Communication

This is not only the preferred communication, but it is required for ease of communication and prompt patient replies.

Reminder...there is a three day turn around for return of messages, refill requests, and appointment request.

Log into your patient portal now to schedule an appointment or message your Provider. 

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